The Law of Moises (feature) [su_vimeo url=”″]

A troubled young filmmaker desperate to escape his small town discovers his destiny is to save it. Available on Amazon

THE GREASY PLATE (short) [su_youtube url=””]

In Miss Harper’s world, the way through life is education, etiquette, and eminence; little else has a place in it, until Claire her granddaughter, gives chase to her wind-blown “gold starred” homework assignment.  Claire and Miss Harper find the paper and safety at the doorstep of a diner.
Once inside, nothing is as it appears; Miss Harper finds the menu just as indecipherable as the waiter (Ezekiel) is mysterious. What is unmistakable, however, is that the control she holds so dear is slipping away and death is as unrestrained as the wind. 

ELEVATE (short) 
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At the age of 5, Jen began having recurring dreams about a particular line of poetry that haunts her into searching for its meaning.