10 Plagues made the cut!

10 Plagues made the quarterfinal round of 2013 Scriptapalooza Contest. Below are the stats from the competition. Check it out… http://scriptapalooza.com/winners/index.php Stats: 3798 scripts entered 431 Quarterfinalists Genres: Action/Adventure – 454 Comedy – 742 Drama – 709 Family – 634 Science Fiction/Fantasy – 309 Thriller/Horror – 794 Historical – 156

What are the 2 most important elements in Filmmaking?

Since its invention the film industry, like other industries, has undergone a number of changes from how films are made to how the films are viewed.  But throughout, what has not changed is a great story that connects with the viewers. Some people would argue great dialogue makes a great film, but there are a …

Adventures of a 1st time feature filmmaker

Hello and welcome to the workings of my mind! Well, this is not really as much a blog or newsletter as it is sharing of thoughts, ideas, and the progress of producing a feature film for the first time (hence the catchy title).  As expected there are a lot of bumps in the rode to creating a film (some …


So, the reading is over…that means re-writes. Just finished the 5th draft of 10 Plagues. Tied up some loose ends. Connected  some dots. Slashed some lines, added some new ones. Let see what sticks.

Kudos to the cast and crew of the Staged Reading of 10 Plagues

With less than 12 hours of rehearsal and under the direction of David Johnson, the cast skillfully breathed life into characters and helped to shape and reveal elements into the 10 Plagues screenplay. The cast included Jesse David Perez, Rosalina Mota, Kevin Lingle, *R. Charles Wilkerson, Candice Johnson-Evans, Toya Turner, Dylan Jost, Joseph Marshak, *Christine …

History Channel’s Bible is a Hit

History Channel’s Bible Is a Hit. Does That Mean TV Will Get Religion? ow.ly/2vjiIm (@christianhlines @time) — faith-based film (@faithbasedfilm) March 7, 2013